Remix Of The Remix

Released: 2/22/22 | E-MORTALMUSIC.COM exclusive

"Silence Stops (Remix)" (f/ Raw Topic, Grime, Cussion)

"Bare Knuckles (Remix)"

It's My Mic (Remix) 

Greatest Alive(Remix)

Hot Sauce (Remix)

Decapitation (Remix) (f/ Nilaja)

It Has To Be Like This (Remix)

E-Mortal (Remix)


He Who Laughs Last

 [Released: 11/11/11]  [Buy This Album]

Ear 2 The Street (Hear My Heartbeat)

Dreamz (Pt. 2)

Chasin (f/ Ifill)

Silence Stops


Its My Mic


Grown At Last (f/ Ender One, Dub-Z, Del Reze)

Depopulation (f/ Ender One)

Gone Away (f/ Sydney B)

Days Of Our Lives (f/ Del Reze)


Ready 4 War

You Aint E (f/ Ender One)

Whore Debit

Truth Hurts (f/ Ender One)



Released: 03/06/09

Spanglish Pt. 1 (La Introduxion)

La Verdad

Ponle Presion

Spanglish Pt. 2 (Manos En El Aire)

A Ustedes (Remix)

Te Entiendo

Spanglish Pt. 3 (Vasos Para Arriba)

Ponle Presion (Remix)

Reloj (f/ Orlando V)

La Verdad (Remix)

The Greatest Alive

Hear Me


Follow Me

Gotta Survive

Bare Knuckles

Dreamz (f/ Jux Cain)

Step In Da Building

Ace & Deuce

Extend The Invitation

Goons (Fuck The Bouncer Up)

Put Ya Cups Up


The 7 Stacks Mixtape

Released: 07/07/07

Trick Daddy & Prof - "Drop (Low Low Low)" Verse - "I Got An Attitude"
Orlando V - "Chaka Cha" Doreno - "Filthy"
E-Mortal - "Diamond Is Forever" Shareefa & Prof - "Need A Boss"
Krisis - "North Ride" King Of Spades - "Throw Your Wrist Up"
Flexx - "Orange Crush" Big Cussion - "Freestyle"
Con - "Back Up" E-Mortal, NorStar, Jux Cain - "Its Only Time"
K-Blitz - "Slow Ridin" evaFlow - "Hunt For The Highest"
Ron B - "Never Enough" Ivy - "Make Noise"
Truth - "Born To Blow Up" Keith Burst - "Every Bar Like A Brick"
Keith Burst - "Different Worlds"  



Poison Tongue

Released: 10/31/05

Genesis (Intro)

Meta-Force (Remix)


The Game

Decapitation Pt. 2


On Edge


Last Dayz


Poetry In Motion

It Has To Be Like This"


Ex 2 The Next (f/ Libra)

Christine (Remix)


A Ustedes

"The Reign" (f/ Various Artists)

Apocalypse (Outro)