E-Mortal delivers a refreshing, original intelligent brand of lyric-heavy and stellar production; which has always hinted at the bright future ahead of him. Representing not a block, not a hood, not even a city, but an entire nation, culture and completely different (new and improved) genre.

He was part of a legendary crew known as Penetraitor Inc (later renamed Penetraitor Records). This spearheaded his career which now boasts a classic 19 track debut album, a compilation album (released as a mixtape) which includes several rare and exclusive gems recorded specifically for this release. He also put out a bilingual double album (including a Spanish disc and an English disc). He then went back to his POISON TONGUE lyricist roots in HE WHO LAUGHS LAST.

As promised, the sound has never changed, only improved! His newest EP, REMIX OF THE REMIX is a true remix album where some of E-Mortal's most timeless songs have been completely re recorded and revamped.

The rhymes demand that you keep your finger handy on that rewind button. He exhibits stamina and wit with a solid hard-as-nails delivery much tighter than most legends and bulldozes over the regular emcee.

E-Mortal puts a lot of himself into the music providing the kind of honesty to interest any true music fan (regardless of genre), yet still managing to maintain true to hip hop in every aspect and be one of it's more original voices.